Arshad Oriental & Bokhara Carpets

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        1.    Chobi (Vegetable Dyed)           Large Sizes                Medium Sizes            Runners

        2.    Persian (Double Knot)              Persian (Traditional)   Persian (Modern)

        3.    Bokhara (Single Knot)              Mori Bokhara            Silk Touch

        4.    Kazak

        5.    Khal Mohammedi 1

        6.    Khal Mohammedi 2

        7.    Gabbeh

        8.    Kilims                                                   Bergesta/Balochi/Mashwani        Maimana    

        9.    Islamic (Wall Hangings)

        10.    Prayer Mats

        11.  Best Quality Rugs

        12.  Pak Afghan Rugs

        13.  Queen Maya Original Picture 2800 Yrs old Image

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Arshad Oriental & Bokhara Carpets
Address: 499, C Block, Green City Housing Society, Barki Road, Lahore - Paistan (54000)
Cell: +92-321-9479839